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One of the aims of this project is to provide botanical databases with queries on the species description. You will find here a search engine with 8500 species from the Flora of China. The techniques are here, the data are here. So why not join our mailing list, wether you are a computer scientist or a botanist. Or just drop a few lines for advice, encouragement or critics.
For now, the developers will find original, and very often generic, software developed for the project, see "Local software ressources", and of course links. The botanists, gardeners, and plants lovers will find carefully selected links, see "botanical resources on INTERNET".

Call for a worldwide botanical database
Specification - specification, design, source code and data currently released - ( old version)  Short-term plan for a WWW botanical database
What's new - Diary - FAQ - State of project NEW - En français (pas tout à jour)
Presentation at WWW9 Conference

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