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Free software

Generic software

The pieces of software underneath are generic, that is not related to botany or biology, and are useful for all kinds of developments. They are under GNU Public Licence ( www.gnu.org ).

Specific software


FloraParse is a parser for classical Floras generating XML markup.
See Release Notes.
download FloraParse

It could be used for other uses , e.g. it can transform this into XML:

Person Théodore Monod, botanist, zoologist, geologist, humanist; books Méharées, L'émeraude des Guaramantes. Expedition; destination Tibesti; date 1997.

<person> Théodore Monod
<books><t:f>Méharées</t:f><t:f>L'émeraude des Guaramantes</t:f><books>
<expedition> <destination>Tibesti</destination><date>1997</date>

Open Identification API

Here is yet another Identification program and framework in Java: the Open Identification API . It is aimed mainly towards Delta-like data, so it complementary to other tools (FloraParse) for textual data. NEW.

Standards proposals

 3D geometry representation
XML protocol