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How far you are

Answer. Each subproject's status is indicated between [].

What would be the next step

Parse the most easily accessible piece of data, either Flora of China, or Flora of Australia, put it on a web server with an ergonomic GUI, images, and HTTP requests to other biological sites.

Brave GNU World standard questions

* What is it?


* Who would use it?

Botanists, particularly field botanists, and every layman who wants to identify a plant specimen and get acurate information about the species. By popular demand, we will include mushrooms.

* Why would they use it instead of similar projects?

Although biologists have been working on formalized taxonomy for more than 20 years, there is no other project (I'd be happy to be wrong!) having this scope of providing:

* Special features/strengths?

* Special problems?

We need funding, we need people.

* Who is working on it?

Alas, almost only me for now.

* Plans for the close and distant future?


* Interesting/fun stories that might juice up the story?

Botany is a leader project with "just" 250 000 species. The same techniques will apply to Zoology (about 1 000 000 species just for insects). Moreover, with RDF or other techniques we'll be able to express ecological links between species, e.g. "Aglais urticae's (a butterfly) caterpillar eats Urtica dioica (nettle)".

* License?!

GPL for software, and for data (the main part) similar license, maybe the Open Content License.