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Message to the new members


As indicated in  Short-term plan , there are many tasks involved in this huge project. The list of tasks is certainly not complete, so suggestions  are wellcome, remember this is your project.

In your first message, I invite you to indicate where you think you can help, your skills, your background. In this way collaborations  and subgroups can arise.

For the computer scientists, it is advised to get general ideas, and possibly some practice of XML techniques. Data in an XML format is high-quality data in that it can be easily translated to any other format. XSLT is a very powerful and mature tools for these translation tasks.

We are interested to collaborate with any project whose scope has intersections with ours, so let us know the informations you have.

Jean-Marc V.

Annex: tags for subjects

To help processing messages, I suggest the following tags for subjects in the mailing list:
                                       XML and RDF Schema
                                       applications and Graphical User Interface
                                       data providers, Flora parsing, pictures
                                       Knowledge Representation and Artificial
                                       3D geometry
                                       image recognition
                                       server-side processing

Of course the order above does not reflect an an order of importance in subjects.