wn daisy -hypen

Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Frequency) of noun daisy

1 sense of daisy

Sense 1
       => flower
           => angiosperm, flowering plant
               => spermatophyte, phanerogam, seed plant
                   => vascular plant, tracheophyte
                       => plant, flora, plant life
                           => life form, organism, being, living thing
                               => entity, something

wn sepal -hholn

Holonyms of noun sepal

1 sense of sepal

Sense 1
          PART OF: calyx
              PART OF: perianth, floral envelope
                  PART OF: flower, bloom, blossom
                      PART OF: angiosperm, flowering plant

wn hard -attra

Attributes of adj hard

2 of 11 senses of hard

Sense 1
difficult (vs. easy), hard
       => difficulty, difficultness

Sense 3
hard (vs. soft)
       => hardness