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achene, acorn, adherent, aerial, age, air, alar, albumen, alnus, andreaea, annulus, anther, antheridium, aperture, apex, apophysis, appendage, archegonium, are, area, areola, aril, arkansas, arm, article, asia, attachment, australia, awl, ax, axil, axis, band, bark, base, beak, bearing, bent, berry, biennial, bisexual, blade, body, border, bract, bracteole, branch, branching, branchlet, broad, brood, brown, bud, bulbil, bulblet, bundle, calyx, canal, cap, capitate, capitulum, capsule, carica, carpel, catkin, caudata, caudex, cell, center, character, chromosome, ciliate, cilium, circular, climber, close, cluster, cm, collar, color, column, coma, compact, complex, cone, constriction, coral, corolla, corona, corymb, costa, cotyledon, creeping, crescent, crest, cross, crown, crozier, cup, cupule, current, cushion, cylinder, cyme, cystolith, d, dark, deep, dehiscence, deltoid, description, diameter, disc, disk, division, dome, dot, drupe, drupelet, ellipsoid, embryo, emergence, endocarp, endosperm, epicarp, epidermis, epiphyte, europe, evergreen, exocarp, extra, f, face, farina, fascicle, feature, filament, fl, flora, flower, flowering, fold, foliage, follicle, forest, fork, fragrance, fraxinus, fruit, fruiting, furrow, gametophyte, gansu, gemma, genus, germination, girdle, gland, groove, ground, growing, growth, gynoecium, ha, hair, head, herb, herbage, hill, hilum, hood, horn, husk, hyaline, indusium, inflation, inflorescence, insertion, integument, involucre, j, japonica, lamina, laminate, latex, leaf, leaflet, leave, liana, light, limb, line, lip, liquid, lobe, lobule, locule, make, margin, mass, megaspore, membrane, mexico, microspore, midrib, minute, more, mouth, much, n, narrow, native, nectary, needle, node, nut, nutlet, ob, oblique, oblong, odor, oil, old, open, operculum, ostiole, outside, ovary, over, ovoid, ovule, p, pacific, pair, palate, pale, pan, panicle, papilla, paraphysis, part, pe, pedicel, peduncle, perianth, pericarp, peristome, permanent, petal, petiole, pin, pinna, pinnule, pistil, pith, placenta, placentation, plait, plant, plica, pollen, pollination, population, portion, prickle, primordium, projection, pseudopodium, pubescence, pulp, r, ra, raceme, rachis, radicle, raphe, ray, receptacle, report, reproduction, resin, rhizoid, rhizome, rib, ridge, ring, root, rootstock, rose, rosette, row, rust, samara, sap, scale, scape, scar, se, section, seed, seedling, segment, sepal, septum, series, seta, sheath, shell, shoot, shoulder, shrub, shrublet, sinus, small, smooth, solitary, sorus, south, southeast, specie, sphagnum, spike, spikelet, spine, sporangiophore, sporangium, spore, sporocarp, sporophore, sporophyll, sporophyte, spring, sprout, spur, stalk, stamen, stele, stem, stigma, stipe, stolon, stoma, stone, straight, strand, strangler, strobilus, structure, style, subshrub, subspecies, sucker, summer, surface, syconium, syncarp, syrinx, t:f, table, taproot, td, testa, th, theca, there, thick, thorn, throat, thrum, thuja, tip, tissue, tooth, tr, translator, tree, trunk, tsuga, tube, tuber, twig, twiner, umbel, umbo, underside, urn, utricle, valley, valve, variety, vein, velum, verruca, vessel, vine, wall, warning, west, whip, white, whole, whorl, wing, winter, wn, wood, x, yunnan,