Specimen identification

This is a beginning of specification for an application, that could be a browser extension, realizing a Specimen identification. For now it doesn't take into account the contribution of image recognition.

The user narrows its choice until there is only one species possible. But the user has more freedom than in a tree-driven dialog à la Delta, (s)he can enter at any time a character that appears particular and discriminating. On the other hand, the classical identification keys of Floras are tree-structured, and take in account only a kew characters.

There will be an input field for a character with three ways of entering organ, property, and value:

This is possible because the relevant meta-data has been downloaded from server: list of organs, properties, and values (see XML protocol).

At any stage the following items are recomputed and proposed to the user:

When the identification is advanced enough, the system will display an identikit picture (portrait-robot) of the plant or flower or leaf, that will be recomputed at each step.